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Hi there! We, Maria and Sara are the designers behind MyHood. We have known each other since we studied Textile Design and have been partners in crime for the last 15 years. And now we can also add the label as hoodie-partners. Furthermore, we both love colors and beautiful fabrics which was the cornerstone in designing hoodies together.

We have the philosophy that we won't make many of each style, so our customers fells that they are wearing something special. We also experiment a lot which results in making special pieces that are one of a kind. 

We love the idea that you can have just the sweater you wish for, and that's why we have decided that you can customize your own.

Most of the styles are made in our workshop in Polymorph at Nørrebro, you are always welcome to drop by to look, try or talk. 

Polymorph, Jagtvej 31, 2200 KBH

Huge hugs // Maria & Sara